Document Management

Thousands to millions documents accessed and processed in a few seconds


ALTER Document Management System, DMS is an Information System Software that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management, access and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. It provides a workflow engine for defining and reusing business logic, simplifying business processes and helping employees coordinate effectively with both the organization and each other. By linking processes with content creation, ALTER DMS enables organizations to exchange transactional information and respond more quickly to new or changing business requirements.
Moreover, ALTER DMS implements powerful tools for document search. Other than filtering in the document metadata, you can search in the whole content of thousands, millions and more documents and the results are presented instantly.
This information system is developed and distributed by ALTER. Each module and feature is customized and aligned with your specific business needs and requirements. If you are interested to learn more, please contact us here.

Features and Functionalities

– Categorization: Documents are categorized:1. received by external bodies, 2. sent to external bodies and 3. Internal documentation (internal reports, memos, other documentation generated by internal processes, etc.).

– Dedicated workflow for all categories.

– Document indexing: Generation of document metadata, necessary for tracking and processing: protocol registration or practice date/number, assigned departments/units/users, access rights, typology, referenced documents, etc.

– Document assignment: Documents are assigned to units/users responsible for follow up. Deadlines are set if necessary or if a time for response is relevant. Units/Users are notified for every document assignment.

– Request for document: Authorized users can send a request for document to other users or Units, defining scope, priority and due dates, if relevant. The assigned users/units are notified by the system’s notification center.

– Search engine indexing: Document text content is indexed in order to implement full text search within the content. In case of not searchable documents files (es: documents saved as scanned images files) there are OCR (Optical Character recognition) internal instruments which perform the content indexing.
Stop words omission is implemented.
More than 150 languages supported for the content text indexing.

– Search by metadata information.
– Full text search: Search within the document content. Search is flexibly calibrated by different options: stop words removal, distance between words, exact phrase, word occurrence.
– Fully optimized internal document viewer.
– Scalable solution with the implementation of Elasticsearch.

– Documents are accessed only by authorized users.
– Customizable access profiles definition.
– Segregation of authorizations by units, roles, job positions and/or processes.

ALTER DMS is fully installable and configurable in your internal IT infrastructure. This stands also for the Staging or Pre-production servers. This is to guarantee that the documentation and other related information is accessed only by the authorized staff within your company.
The installation and configuration process is fully documented.

Digitalization (Optional service)
Total volume of the Hard Copy documentation is scanned by high efficiency and professional equipment.
Each document file is organized and indexed in storage devices.
ALTER can provide this service only for local companies.
This service can be performed by other third parties contracted by the interested company.
Either this process is performed by ALTER or by other third parties,
the whole scanned documentation can be imported and indexed automatically in ALTER DMS.