Hiring a professional can be a time-consuming job, and hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Finding and hiring new employees is one of the primary business concerns. Other than recruiting and hiring the right employee for your vacancies, there are a host of issues that come aside – payroll management, withholding taxes, additional accounting and reporting, healthcare benefits, retirement plans, disability insurance, compensation coverage responsibilities. Let ALTER take care in an efficient and convenient way of all these and more, so you can concentrate on your business core processes



Alter offers an easy and cost-effective alternative to managing a company’s staff. Whether you are looking for temps for the busy season or leased employees for longer employment periods, our staff leasing services are just for you.

Our staff leasing services include:

  • Coordinate and finalize the selection of candidates in collaboration with the Client
  • Guarantee that no additional claims may occur to your company from staff
  • Management of job contracts with workers
  • Management of salaries
  • Registration/de-registration of all employees with the relevant authorities
  • Issuing required documentation regarding to employment
  • Payment of salaries to workers
  • Consultancy to employees and reconciliation of work concerning occupation
  • Clearance and payment of all operational costs (car rental, millage, daily allowance, cell phone, office rental, maintenance)

Why using our Staff leasing service

  • It is cost saving on the administrative aspect of managing payroll, taxes, and any local reporting requirements
  • It offers flexible personnel levels
  • Fixed Personnel costs are unchanged
  • No extra costs for personnel search
  • Timeframe flexibility: Hours per day, days per week, full time, part time or by project employing

What we Guarantee

Professional for all fields. The requirements for employees’ expertise varies from field to field. We possess solid know-how in various fields, and we have professionals for all fields in our database register. We have staff with varying levels of expertise for various types of jobs, from job assistants to skilled professionals.

Leased Staff and responsibility go hand in hand. We are a responsible company. It is important to us that the leasing process is fair for both the employees and the company using leased staff.




Recruiting the right professionals is a crucial factor in the success of a company. With the help of our simple collaboration model, you will find the right professionals for your company quickly and easily. We will take the responsibility for the entire recruitment process and keep you up to date on how it is progressing, so you can concentrate on your core business operations without having to worry.

Our Recruitment services include:

  • Job / Organizational Analysis: To determine structure, culture, competencies, personalities.
  • Job Description: The derivation of key tasks, objectives, responsibilities, and relationships.
  • Candidate specification: Establishing the essential and desired skills, experience, attributes and qualifications.
  • Search: Data base search; Headhunting – appropriate in certain markets and for total confidentiality; Advertised search following client agreement of draft / design / wording, advertise in chosen media.
  • Selection preliminary interviews: Structured interviews to produce a shortlist for client decision, tests.
  • Final interviews

Why using our recruitment services:

  • Our clients trust us and are important to us.
  • We are compliant to achieve the best solutions and long term relationships with our client.
  • Our consultants, candidates and clients work together to achieve the best employment opportunities and long term relationships.
  • Our candidates are of the highest quality, and are part of our extended team.

Our Resources:

  • We have our own electronic database. This is a growing up database of qualified persons who daily apply at our website.
  • We have our network in a large number of companies and NGOs which facilitates the process of headhunting


Our aim is to provide the highest quality service and solutions in the employment sector to our customers, employees and communities.

We offer a wide range of services in the area of human resources development such as:

  • Dedicated services in the areas of modeling HR processes and successful implementation of them through software information systems. 
  • Providing industry advice from employment law, salary scales and local employment conditions. 
  • Market research on salaries and consultancy on the design of effective employee packages. 
  • Consultancy on the development of staff professional relationships in an organization.

Why using our HR Services:

  • We have extended experience in modeling effective automated HR process . 
  • We offer professionalism, partnership and adequate expertise deemed necessary for the effective management of human resources.
  • We are a true Business Partner committed to Best Practice to ensure a top rate service for its clients. 

Our Resources:

  • Market-specialist consultants with experience and knowledge of the sectors they represent. 
  • Experienced consultants who work alongside companies to establish their aims and create innovative HR solutions which will drive their businesses forward.