Human Resources
Management System

HR processes optimized and automated


ALTER’s HR Management System, is an information system software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes and data. It is customizable to adopt to any company scale and to be compliant with local policies and regulatory framework.
This information system is developed and distributed by ALTER. Each module and feature is customized and aligned with your business needs and requirements. If you are interested to learn more, please contact us here.

Features and Functionalities

ORG Chart and Employee information
Implementation of the organization’s structure chart. Definition of Units, Dependencies and Job positions. Employee file including a structured CV template needed typically for filtering, reporting and analytics. This is a core module and is mandatory for the implementation of any other module.

Employee Self service
Employees have access to limited features as leave application, time sheet, authorized access to documentation and to perform modifications to personal data. This feature also includes other benefits for off-site working environments.

Automatic payroll calculation and reporting. Application of local TAX and Assurance legislation requirements. Customizing of payroll reporting templates. Incentive and Benefit calculation.

Reporting and Analytics
Automated and customized generation of reports, analytics and documentation required by employees, Management. Generation of reports for the mandatory reporting to Authorities

Performance Evaluation
Several templates of performance evaluation implementation. Customized performance evaluation process. Implementation of Objectives agreements and Performance agreements and other performance evaluation standards and best practices

Leave and Time Attendance administration
Customized time attendance and timesheet configuration. Leave management applied by employees and processed by two level approval (Direct manager – HR Unit)

Recruitment, Hiring and Training
Vacancy administration, Interview scheduling and Training programs management. Training feature is aligned with the Performance Evaluation to better evaluate the need for training for low performance employees.

Paperwork generation
Documentation is autogenerated by the data in the system and presets of paragraphs or templates to form an entire document in one click, ready to save it in different file formats or send by email.